Experience the Art of Caring


Head Massage

Price: From £15.00
This treatment helps to alleviate stress and immerses you into total relaxation. The benefits of this massage include improved concentration…

Back and shoulder massage

Price: From £30.00
A relaxing massage which eases out the tension on the back and the shoulders. 30 minutes – £30. 60 minutes…

Thai oil massage

Price: From £30.00
Helps to release tension and relieve muscle and deep tissue pain 30 minutes – £30 60 minutes – £50 90…

Swedish full body massage

Price: From £30.00
Natural oils and traditional Swedish techniques are used to increase circulation and ease muscles; creating complete relaxation 30 Minutes………………………£30 60…

Deep tissue massage

Price: From £30.00
Deep pressure is used to release muscle tension by focusing the massage on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, especially…
Experience the Art of Caring


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